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@siti.qudyjah5e220862a9d63 Malaysia 2 ulasan
Umur : 22

The liquid absorbs quickly on the face, is not sticky and is comfortable to use even though my face is kind of oily. after using for 5 days, the pores on the facial skin become sm...


03 February 2023
Retinol 1% — Is it right for you? Hear from our community and the recommended products for you

Retinol 1% — What is it? We are sure that you must have heard of it. Everyone is talking about retinol 1% these days, b...

27 January 2023
Body Wash vs Soap: Why we should make the switch to body wash with the help from our community

The debate between body wash vs soap has always been ongoing. Unlike bar soaps, a body wash can help deal with clogged ...

20 January 2023
Turmeric beauty products: Spice up your skincare routine with these turmeric-infused products 

Turmeric beauty products are known to have many skin benefits. You can DIY it by mixing it with other ingredients to ma...