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@siti.qudyjah5e220862a9d63 Malaysia 2 reviews
Age : 22

The liquid absorbs quickly on the face, is not sticky and is comfortable to use even though my face is kind of oily. after using for 5 days, the pores on the facial skin become sm...


24 November 2022
What’s the fuss about salicylic acid and do you need to include it in your skincare regime? Some reviews to find out!

Salicylic acid, also known as acne’s arch-nemesis, has gained a lot of popularity recently. But, is it really wor...

24 November 2022
Split end treatment for damaged hair: How to fix it with our recommended products

Split end treatments can help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends from happening without resorting to cutting...

08 November 2022
Foaming Hand Wash: 4 Mums share why Kirei Kirei is their families’ preferred hand wash

Foaming hand wash dispenses soft, creamy foam which is perfect for effective and safe hand washing. We all know that ha...