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@joancantos05 Australia 2 reviews
Age : 38

I have been an avid Olay user and this time I have tried and tested Olay Antioxidant Cream. My skin has become visibly younger looking and has been even softer to touch after just ...


03 March 2023
Long-lasting mascaras: Top 5 approved by our community

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01 March 2023
Squalane: What is it? How does it benefit your skin and hair?

Squalane is a hydrating molecule derived from both plant, human and animal fats. It mimics your skin’s natural oi...

23 February 2023
Korean beauty products you should stock up on and our top 4 picks!

Korean beauty products are known to be gentle, hydrating and has a long-term approach to skincare to help people achiev...