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Downy Malaysia

Okay, we might be partial to the brand, but it's hard for us to imagine that there's anyone out there who hasn't come across Downy at some point. Certainly a family member has hugged you in their Downy-soft shirt, or a friend tossed you a Downy-fresh towel to dry your hands.

For more than half a century, Downy has brought softness, freshness and other fabric enhancements to countless loads of laundry. Because we all want our clothes to feel and smell good all day long, and for the style to wear out before the fabric does. And just as importantly, there's a confidence that comes with being comfortable in our clothes.

This is why Downy keeps working to enhance the world's fabrics by bringing out their freshest, fluffiest, smoothest, scenty-est best. And why Downy products are now found in more than 50 countries. But we wouldn't be here without the "how" part of the story, which has seen our dedication to fabric care lead to innovation after innovation.


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