Friso® Gold Friso Gold Step 3

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Friso® Gold Friso Gold Step 3

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15 hari lalu
5/5 Dibeli oleh pengulas
Susu yang mudah dihadam..sejak anak tukar pada friso gold selera makan bertambah & yang paling penting tiada masalah dari segi pembuangan..lancar sentiasa..anak happy tentu sekali mamanya juga happy

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Mum’s favourite
2 months ago
4.8/5 Dibeli oleh pengulas
The reason why i choose this milk powder for my child is because of its quality assurance. I love their trackeasy concept where i can see when and how the milk powder is being produce. Besides that, my child loves the taste as well. Not too sweet. The powder is really fine making it easily to make without any lump.

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Friso gold milk
3 months ago
4.6/5 Diterima percuma dari Try and Review
This milk is suitable for my baby as it didn't cause heaty to my baby and my baby likes the taste. Like the can design too.

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Friso Gold step 3
8 months ago
5/5 Diterima percuma dari Try and Review
highly recommended for this upgrade friso gold . Made with Quality NOVAS Signature Milk with No Added Sucrose or Flavour. this is very important and safe for our child. Easy to Digest. Stronger Inside. Anak sy tak boleh tukar susu lain sbb dia punya antibody lemah dan mudah batuk berkahak sebab susu lain.

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Yummy Friso
9 months ago
5/5 Diterima percuma dari Try and Review
-packaging is nice but for the safety lock i need to take time how to open it should put ( press it ) - he love the taste, not so sweet and he has better digestion after consume and he ask for it - another son also like it, smell also nice - i like it because inside have the place to put scoop

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