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CODE 10 Perfumed Deodorant Spray (Motion)

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  • Deodorant Spray is undeniable the best reliable protection against body odor, it is fresh, easy, evenly distributed with the press of the button. Your underarms are not only refreshed, pleasantly perfumed thanks to modern fragrance of world-class perfumers but also protected against body odor. It is the best for men who are having a morning rush during weekdays, sweating men and a quick freshening up before presentation or dates! 
  • Our special deodorizing formula will keep your body dry and comfortable for all day long
  • From world-class perfumers with fresh and energizing fragrance "Motion is like a freestyle cocktail, mixed from the warm fragrance of Sandal wood, and the freshness of Citrus; to depict a successful man who is pro-active and always knows how to create opportunities for himself." 

           - Anne-Sophie Chapuis-Cariou, Perfumer


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