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Three Beauties

Three Beauties is a brand that was first registered in London in 1958. The philosophy of the brand is to offer quality cosmetics products at affordable prices, targeted at the mass market.

The brand has built a strong consumer base with more than 50 years of trust, expertise and quality products made from the finest ingredients. From the very beginning, Three Beauties prided itself on its iconic facial pressed powder which till this day, is being used by women of three generation.

Over the last 50 years, whilst the brand's core competency is focused on facial pressed powders, the company markets a portfolio of other products developed specifically in response to consumer and retailer demand in specific markets.

It is amazing that a brand with such a legacy and past is still an attraction to the present  day consumers and with this in mind, a strategic change has taken place to offer their consumers more lifestyle products infused with a new creative direction specialising in nail care products and yet keeping their philosophy of quality products at affordable prices.

They now offer trend setting nail colors and nail treatments products that suits all budgets. Their story continues to be one of educating the consumers about the relative importance of caring for their nails, cuticles and skin.

At Three Beauties, they also pride themselves by not using toxic ingredients, not testing their products on animals and are proud that their nail lacquers and nail treatment products are made in the USA.

If they have been around for the last 50 years, they will surely be around for the next 50 years and more!


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