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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light / Toleriane Ultra

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Toleriane Ultra is specially formulated to meet the demanding needs of ultra-sensitive or allergic skin.

Relief in 1 minute. Day after day, skin's sensitivity is reduced and long-lasting comfort is restored. The 1st care treatment with Neurosensine to intensely and durably relieve the everyday reality of ultra-sensitive or allergic skin. An ultra-soothing non-oily daily care, it also combines La Roche-Posay thermal spring water for its natural soothing and anti-irritation properties.

Containing 0% preservatives, paraben, fragrance, alcohol, colorant and lanolin, its ultra safe formula is suitable for all safety seekers.

Purity is ensured with every application thanks to a new generation of exclusive ultra-hermetic packaging so that no air or reside can enter. This promises 0% contamination.

Toleriane Ultra is suitable for normal to dry skin, face and eyes, and Toleriane Ultra-Light is suitable for combination to oily-prone skin, face and eyes

Light and fresh texture for Toleriane Ultra. 

Light and fresh non-oily texture for Toleriane Ultra-Light.

About Intolerant and Allergic-prone Skin

Allergy is a pathology ranked by the world health organisation as the 4th highest chronic illness. In 20 years its prevalence has doubled.

Allergic and ultra-sensitive skin comfort lies at the very heart of La Roche-Posay brand's mission. To comprehend the complete truth behind allergy and better meet the needs of every ultra-sensitive or allergic skin regarding safety, soothing and comfort, we formulated Toleriane Ultra-Light, the first all-in-one care for allergic and intolerant skin. 

About Pregnancy and ultra-sensitive skin

It is common to have sensitive skin during pregnancy even in someone who has never had sensitive skin before. This can be attributed to increased hormone levels which makes the skin sensitive to substances which normally does not cause any reactions such as sunlight, heat, detergents and even certain foods. It is best to switch to fragrance-free skincare like Toleriane Ultra to keep the skin happy and healthy. 

Always check with your practitioner about formulas before using.

About Safety seekers

Transitioning to non-irritating skin care products is the next step in reducing the skin’s exposure to potentially harmful toxins. Containing 0% preservatives, paraben, fragrance, alcohol, colorant and lanolin, Toleriane Ultra is the best choice to meet the needs of safety seekers. It is powered by actives to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity so that you can have a have a peace of mind.


  1. Immediate relief. Skin is soothed, irritation is calmed.
  2. Significantly decreases redness and burning sensations
  3. Decrease clinical discomfort such as burning sensations, tightness and itching
  4. Clinically proven to reduce skin sensitivity
  5. Soothing relief after 4 weeks. Significant diminution of irritation, reactivity and heated sensations.

How to use: Apply after cleansing to face, eyes' contours and neck morning and evening.

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