About Us

Our Beginnings

In this modern, digital world, consumers are constantly bombarded with ads for countless products. This can be overwhelming when deciding which brand deserves your business.

Consumers want to be heard. Maëlle Pochat and Alexia Sichère wanted to give consumers the opportunity to share their opinions in an authentic, consumer-driven community that benefits both the consumer and the brands. In January of 2016, Try and Review was born. Founders Pochat and Sichère developed the platform for three purposes:

  1. To empower a community of consumers to share honest, unbiased reviews

  2. To help consumers narrow down their buying choices

  3. To promote businesses that value the importance of authentic reviews


With thousands of reviews, Try and Review enables consumers to unleash the full potential of their buying options.

Try and Review is an internationally recognized source for consumer reviews covering over 30K products in 8 categories: Beauty, Health, Home, Luxury, Baby, Food, Pets, and Electronics.* Try and Review Pte Ltd branded sites are available in 13 markets to share honest reviews for over 1.2 million subscribers**. While Try and Review has grown and expanded into multiple countries, the mission remains the same – to empower people to voice their opinions about consumer goods in the form of authentic, unbiased reviews. By providing this virtual database of honest reviews, Try and Review allows members to try consumer products and share product insights to help fellow shoppers buy better.


Our Vision

To amplify the influential power of consumer reviews; along the way, reshape the way brands market their products around the world.

Our vision is to create a powerful, global platform that people can refer to for their buying decisions and where consumers ultimately drive product success. Viewing an advertisement is no longer sufficient for buyers to make an informed purchase decision. With Try and Review, we hope to build a platform where the users are the true deciders for the best buying choices. In turn, this online “word-of-mouth” influence will be respected by brands and reflected in future ads.


Our Values


Try and Review provides consumers with the wisdom of reviews and opinions from buyers just like you. We encourage authentic feedback, which is why our community of global consumers has become a trusted source of honest product and brand experiences.



We know it’s important to be able to trust the source of product reviews and the legitimacy of the content published. At Try and Review, we facilitate a completely transparent review experience by allowing consumers to join our community of subscribers to freely share their opinions so that other Try and Review users are more informed when making purchases. We also follow a specific set of guidelines to ensure that all reviews published are appropriate, relevant, helpful, and original. Read our guidelines here.



Try and Review wouldn't be possible without our online community of users, subscribers, and brands. With Try and Review serving as home to thousands of reviews, users join us to make better-informed purchases. Our subscribers test products and share reviews to help fellow shoppers buy better. Also, these reviews serve as invaluable insight to develop better products for the market. Brands work with us to grow their presence, build their online reputation, and reach new customers.


* 2018 Source: Try and Review log files, monthly product count, September 2018
** 2018 Source: Try and Review log files, monthly subscriber count, November 2018