Norilicious Seaweed Snack

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Norilicious Seaweed Snack

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Delicious and Tasty
6 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
The product tastes good and nutritious. Just a pity that it is abit pricey.

Would recommend !
Great for snacks
8 months ago
4.5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Delicious and convenient packaging. Great for snacking.

Would recommend !
One of the best
11 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
This seaweed taste so good.It is not that salty has actually nuts in them and they also give back to the sea by planting seaweed back to the sea.and it is also healtier although it is a little sad that is slightly expensive and has a really small portion but that means it is easier to carry it around

Would recommend !
1 year ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Such a tasty and healthy snack. Now I can snack on this as its healthier compared to other snacks out there. No more feeling guilty.

Would recommend !
Delicious !
2 years ago
4.7/5 Purchased by reviewer
I seldom take snack, but i like to eat seaweed, this seaweed snack is nice, it is not salty and not spicy, the original seaweed taste is nice & delicoius.

Would recommend !


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