Nestlé NESTLÉ Kit Kat

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Nestlé NESTLÉ Kit Kat

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I love chocolate
9 days ago
4.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
Always buy kitkat when the stock in my house is running low. Love their small packing and am never sick of eating biscuits coated with chocolate

Would recommend !
Nestle Kit Kat
1 month ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
A delicious chocolate bar, made of fingers of crispy wafer covered with smooth milk chocolate. Chocolatey outside and crunchier inside. Kit kar break is must.

Would recommend !
5 months ago
4/5 Purchased by reviewer
best chocolate ever!!! creamy chocolate and crispy wafer is the best combo, sweet and so delicious

Would recommend !
One of my FAV
9 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
This is one of my FAV Chocolate.. Taste it good and crunchy and it is smell good as well!

Would recommend !
10 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
every time I went to grocery i always but kitkat.i love this so much

Would recommend !


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