Heinz Teething Rusks Plain

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Heinz Teething Rusks Plain

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heinz teething rusk
7 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
1st baby food for my boy. Is very hard but is soothe his gum. It attracts ants quite fast as baby love to throw things around. Dont choose this if you dont intend to attracts ants

Would not recommend !
Good for baby who just started to eat
8 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
This is the first baby biscuit i gave to my daughter. Its very hard even myself cant bite it. But its good . I say its good its because i can see how my daughter trying to try her very first biscuit. How she trying to eat it. She suck the biscuit and it will slowly melt to her mouth. I recommend this for first timer baby who trying to eat.

Would recommend !
Teething rusks
8 months ago
2.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
My daughter never ate this. I find that particularly very hard as compared to other teething rusks. Almost impossible for baby to chew. I understand they are basically for soothing itchy gums but it caused frustration in my girl

Would not recommend !
6 packs of 2 each in a box of 12.
8 months ago
3.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
6 packs of 2 each in a box of 12. I usually only give one a day max due to sodium used in the biscuit in order to keep his hardness and freshness. Toddler has two or 4 teeth will tend to bite big chunks off. Need to take note. But other than that it's good for teething has they chew and munch the tender gums and also get a great snack at the end of the day. Also gotten precious me time while toddler is chewing the biscuit for a good 15mins. Yay!

Would recommend !
Maybe it's up to the baby
4 years ago
3/5 Purchased by reviewer
Bought these for my baby when he was teething. Unfortunately he barely could chew into it because it was so hard. He didn't have the patience to gnaw into the rusk and simply threw it aside after a few minutes. This happened for about 4-5 more times before I decided to give up.

Would not recommend !


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