Pigeon Cotton Swabs

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Pigeon Cotton Swabs

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Safe and good to use
16 days ago
Purchased by reviewer
Thin and handy cotton buds that can gently clean baby nose at the entrance. Soft ans small perfect for baby to use with a peace of mind

Would recommend !
Gentle and easy to use on baby
4 years ago
Purchased by reviewer
Since it has paper stem it is very easy to clean the sensitive areas like ear and nose. I highly recommend the product.

Would recommend !
4 years ago
Purchased by reviewer
*Easy to use on baby.
*Was used on ears, nose(esp loved during block noses) & umbilical cord cleanings
*Was used also to put creams on places when needed.
*Was used to wipe dry hard to reach , narrow groves on baby milk containers' covers.
*Was used to make flower decorations and for baby to paint flowers.
*Price is slightly higher then competitors though.

Would recommend !


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