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Honsei Ice Green Tea

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Refreshing instant ice green tea to cool down your day. Just add cold chilling water and it is good to go!

Ice Green tea extracted from 100% natural pure green tea leaves. 

HOW TO PREPARE: One sachet of Instant Ice Green tea packet makes one cup of beverage. To prepare, simply pur water into mix, add ice cubes and serve instantly. 

Instant Green Tea and Green Tea Powder: what's the difference? 

We sometimes get the question what is the difference between instant green tea and green tea powder. They are VERY different: the production method, ingredients, taste, how it dissolves in water, etc. Since these two are totally different things, I thought it will be important to share what the difference are and have a deeper understanding of what you are drinking.

1. Production Method: Instant teas are once brewed and extracted into liquid form. Then it is made into a concentrate and dried into powder form.Powdered green teas are simply loose leaf teas that are grounded into fine powder. Ceremonial grade matcha uses traditional stone mill to make the fine ground powder.

2. Health Benefits: Instant teas are once put into liquid form and the amount of nutrients is said to be the same as the brewed green tea. On the other hand, green tea powder is simply fine powder of loose leaf teas that you can take in the nutrients of the whole leaf. It is said the nutrients and health substance in  brewed tea is one third of the green tea powder.

3. Solubility: The good part of instant green tea is that it will immediately dissolve in water with no sediment. On the other hand, green tea powder will not dissolve in tea as well as instant green tea. Since it is pure tea leaf with no additives it is likely to have some sediments.

4. Ingredients: Instant teas will include preservatives such as maltodextrin, citric acid, etc to make it easier to dissolve in water. As mentioned, green tea powder will not have any additives or preservatives, just simply tea leaf for the ingredient.

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