1. What is Try and Review?
Try and Review is an internationally recognized source for consumer reviews covering over 30K products in 8 categories: Beauty, Health, Home, Luxury, Baby, Food, Pets, and Electronics. You can learn more about us here.

2. Do I have to be a product tester to review products? Or can I review products I purchased before in the past?

No, you do not have to be a product tester to write a review on our website. To get started writing your first review, sign up to be a Subscriber here.

3. I’m writing my first review. What should I include in it?
Hooray! Thanks for taking the first step to share your valuable opinion. For best practices on writing a review, read our tips.

4. Is my review published immediately?
If your review is approved by our team, your review will be published within 24-48 hours. Read more about our review guidelines.

5. Where is Try and Review based?
Our home office is in Singapore. However, we operate in Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

6. I’m representing a brand and want my products to be listed on the Try and Review website. How can we collaborate?
Great, we’re excited to hear from you. Please email us at contact@tryandreview.com.


Product Testing FAQs


1. How do I sign up to get selected to try products for free?
To apply to be a product tester, first you’ll need to sign up as a Subscriber. To browse ongoing tests, remain logged into your account to apply for a product trial. Remember to complete the pre-test survey for each product you are applying for.
*To stay informed about the new tests available, follow our Facebook page.

2. Do you pay your product testers?
No, we do not pay our product testers to test or leave feedback for products, nor do we charge our product testers for delivery. All reviews published on our website are authentic testimonials and opinions from consumers like you.

3. How do I know if I have been selected for a test?
If you are selected for a product trial, we will inform you when your product will be delivered to you via email. Don’t forget to check the mail!

4. How do you select product testers?
Product testers are selected among a pool of applicants based on the number of free products available. Also, each product tester is considered through a series of pre-established criteria that is required by the brand. There are no lucky draws. In addition, neither the employees of Try and Review nor their families are permitted to apply for tests.

5. How can I increase my chances of getting selected as a product tester?
We try our best to involve as many product testers as possible. If you weren’t selected for a product trial at this time, you can increase your chances to be selected for the next product trial by simply reviewing products on our website! We recognize active users and strive to involve those who are more likely to share honest reviews on our community platform.

6. When will I receive my test product?
You should receive your product within 7 days after shipment. If your shipment has not arrived after 14 days, please send us an email at contact@tryandreview.com and we will get this issue resolved immediately.

7. Will the free product come delivered as the original one found in stores?
The size or the quantity of the free product samples is determined by the brand we partner with to host the product trial. Your product will come delivered either in original size or “sample” size and is yours to keep!


Affiliate Influencer FAQs

1. What is a Try and Review Affiliate Influencer?
A Try and Review Affiliate Influencer is a partner social influencer with a strong following as well as an authentic and highly engaged audience.

2. What type of brands do Affiliate Influencers get to work with?
Examples of brands that our Affiliate Influencers have worked with before are Dove, Loreal, AHC, Nivea, LUX, Maybelline, and more...

3. How does Try and Review recruit their Affiliate Influencers?
All of our Affiliate Influencers are selected based on these qualifications:
-Met our standards for Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube
-Capable of producing captivating content
-Passed an interview process

4. Does Try and Review pay their Affiliate Influencers?
No, we do not pay our Affiliate Influencers. The Affiliate Influencer will perform the services at his/her own expense and use his/her own resources and equipment.

5. How can I become an Affiliate Influencer?
Our team is always scouting for new Affiliate Influencers to join our team. Before we engage with a candidate, we carefully review their social media accounts to verify that they have a strong following and an engaged audience. If you believe you are a suitable candidate, feel free to contact us at contact@tryandreview.com.




At Try and Review, we promote authentic reviews because we want to help consumers make the best buying decisions. Whether your experience was positive or poor, we encourage members to exercise complete honesty.

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