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My Goto Sunscreen ☀️☀️☀️
9 days ago
4/5 Purchased by reviewer
The best sunscreen that I used so far, it seamlessly works for my skin and rewearable without white patches Must recommended

Would recommend !
Sin saviour
10 days ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Beep on this sunscreen since it’s launched and I never look back after picking it up at watsons. It is very fast absorbed into the skin. No sticky after feel and leaves no white cast. Skin feels comfortable and hydrated with very good uV protection. I always reapply as and when needed and application is a breeze.

Would recommend !
Light, non greasy
12 days ago
3.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
I used this sunscreen after using many brands which are available locally and from abroad. My T zone is oily and test of of skin is normal not dry so I was looking for a product which doesn't turn oily nor dry. I just finished its first bottle. It hydrated my skin, can be easily applied. I have noticed after applying this product it was way easy for me to apply my foundation. One thing which I want to mention is that it is quiet runny consistency and applying 2 finger rule is difficult. I purchased it my second bottle online waiting for its delivery 😊

Would recommend !
Very light, fast absorb
1 month ago
5/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
Received the free samples from LA ROCHE-POSAY through home delivery (this is wonderful kind action from them for safety precautious measures). The texture is super light and fast absorb, feel my skin was not dry so very comfortable feeling after applying, really like this.

Would recommend !
Reliable Sunscreen
3 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
This is the only sunscreen I use. Very good at preventing sunburn and formation of dark spots. The texture is very lightweight which is great for Singapore’s weather.

Would recommend !


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