Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen

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Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen

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So Pretty!
1 year ago
3.3/5 Purchased by reviewer
As far as lip balms go, this one is about average. I like the light wash of color, but it doesnt last very long. Know that you will have to reapply several times in a day. Light smell that is sweet and fresh. In general, I am a fan of Fresh products and this one isn't TERRIBLE, but there are far better lip balms out there.

Would not recommend !
1 year ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Am a loyal fan of this product! Really help to moisturize the lip yet at the same time giving it some colours! Would rather skip lip stick and opt for this instead!

Would recommend !
Best lip balm tint
1 year ago
4.5/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
My go to when I need to rush out but still want to look cute. A pop of youthful tint! Very pretty! Much love

Would recommend !
OK lipbalm
1 year ago
3.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
As a lip balm its not bad, fairly thick and emollient, has a light sheen and wash of colour (got mine in the shade róse). However as you can see from the picture the packaging isnt the best, labelling has rubbed off almost completely as it rubs against other things in my bag. Personally also dislike the scent & flavour this has, which is quite strong. Too expensive as well. SPF 15 is a nice tiny bonus but realistically since its not waterproof it wont last long, and the SPF is way too little, and is an even lower number if I consider how little I apply.

Would recommend !
Absolutely love it
1 year ago
4.8/5 Purchased by reviewer
Excellent quality lip balm with a beautiful natural tint of colour. Lips will be soft after usage. Great during winter time also. The texture is soft and lips looks moisturized during usage. Application is super great and smooth. However, do not twist out too much of the product as it might break easily due to its soft texture.

Would recommend !


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