Olay Regenerist Essence Water

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Olay Regenerist Essence Water

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Essence Water Review
1 year ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I would like to share a recent review of Olay Regenerist Essence Water that I have been trying out. I've been using the product for about two and a half weeks and have really enjoyed using it. A little goes a long way with this, you really don't have to use much at all. And with the size of the bottle, you know it'll last you a while. It has a really pleasant smell, kind of roses, and absorbs really quickly. It can be a little tacky straight after application, but that goes away once fully absorbed. There is no smudging, sticking or smearing when applying moisturiser, serum or make up afterwards. My skin feels really soft and smooth and I feel like the lines on my forehead are less obvious.

Would recommend !
Olay regenerist essence water
1 year ago
4.7/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Thank you Try and Review for choosing me as one of the tester of your product. This is my first time using this kind of product I usually using facial wash, toner and moisturizer. I will start to give review about the packaging. It is awesome because you will see that this product is not just an ordinary product by looking at the packaging. Next about the instructions on how I will use it. It said that you may use a cotton ball or just your palm in putting this on your face but I prefer using my palm so that I can maximize the product. Initially after I put this product on my face it is sticky but fast absorbent. I feel nothing putting it except that it is sticky on my face and the smell is not strong. I see the after glow effect and I don't feel any irritation. It is only 7 days since I used this product so I am looking forward for the better effect if I will fully consumed the product.

Would recommend !


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