Olay Regenerist Essence Water

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Olay Regenerist Essence Water

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Smoother, Softer and Plumper Skin
11 months ago
4.5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I have loved using this product. I have had a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin and I am even getting compliments on how smooth my skin looks. It was super easy to incorporate this into my skin care regime. I have noticed that my pores have gotten slightly smaller although they have not fully disappeared and the fine lines that I had on my forehead have also reduced slightly. I really like this product for the way that it plumps up my skin and given my skin a smoother and softer texture. Also there is the added bonus of my make up applying really well as I have a better base. Overall I would recommend this product and will be adding it into my skin care regime going forward.

Would recommend !
Love it!
11 months ago
4.2/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I love this product because it has my favourite ingredient- Niacinamide in it. I like to use it after cleansing and toning my face. This helps lock in the moisture in my face and makes my skin super smooth and soft. This is such a great product to clear up your face if you have any dark spots. Niacinamide is so great for clearing up acne spots and treating hyperpigmentation. I don’t have visible fine lines or wrinkles so I can’t say if it works to reduce fine lines or wrinkles. I love using it in my morning and night skincare routine. It has a water like texture and is so light weight and gets so easily absorbed into skin easily.

Would recommend !
Good hydration. Do not mix with vitamin c
11 months ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Received this to try and review few days ago. Loved it . Very hydrating. But, word of caution, do not layer with vitamin C serum. First few days my skin felt very plump and glowy but on the third day i layered it with my potent vit C serum and it caused rashes and blemishes. I have to discontinue it for f daws and let my skin heal. I know its not the product but the mixing of two. So just a word of caution

Would recommend !
A refreshing product
11 months ago
3/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I have been using the Olay Regenerist Essence Water in both my morning and evening skincare routine. I love how refreshing it feels after cleansing my skin. It is simple to apply - I simply add a few drops to my hands and pat onto my skin. I haven't noticed a difference in the tone or texture in my skin. However, it is the perfect product to apply before my serums, as it helps to suck the serum into my skin. It did however make my skin feel slightly sticky when combined with certain serums. The only downside to this product is that it's not in a spray bottle, which is how I prefer to apply products like this.

Would not recommend !
Great product
11 months ago
3.7/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Would recommend it...can see the difference in my skin and definitely will recommend it to everyone

Would recommend !


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