Fairprice Housebrand Shredded Cheese - Mozzarella

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Fairprice Housebrand Shredded Cheese - Mozzarella

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Pretty Stretchy Mozza Cheese
22 days ago
Received for free from Try and Review
Tried the FairPrice brand shredded mozzarella cheese and pleasantly surprised that it had a good amount of cheese pull! Yummy! I used the cheese as toppings for my pulled chicken on sourdough (great breakfast idea!) as well as on the shepherd's pie. Please do give it a try, tastes similar to the other Italian brand! *winks* #fairpricehousebrand #testedandloved #testedandlovedit #TryandReviewSG

Would recommend !
Review on Fairprice shredded cheese - mozzarella
24 days ago
Received for free from Try and Review
Loved the texture and the taste of it.. it elevated my noodles to another level. But would love it if the appearance of it is a bit thinner and longer. Other than that, will definitely recommend it. :)

Would recommend !
27 days ago
Received for free from Try and Review
Easy to spread and doesn't stick together and only melts with heat. Best for pizzas, breads and even on my bulgogi instant ramyeon. It stores well in freezer too and does not freeze into lumps.

Would recommend !
Great cheese
28 days ago
Received for free from Try and Review
I loved the smell and texture of the cheese. Because it is shredded it is easy to use. And like the quantity.

Would recommend !
Shredded cheese in Japanese Curry 🍛
1 month ago
Received for free from Try and Review
Added it to my Japanese curry for a different experience, love how stretchy it is, creating a cheese web. Overall quality is not bad. Will consider and recommend to others to get it if it is more affordable than the usual big brands.

Would recommend !


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