UFC Refresh 100% Natural Coconut Water

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UFC Refresh 100% Natural Coconut Water

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Coconut water
2 days ago
3.3/5 Purchased by reviewer
UFC this product i everytime looks at sheng siong .The Refresh 100 %Natural Cocunt water is the taste is good . Everytime i bought this item for myself.

Would recommend !
Healthy and refreshing
7 days ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
This UFC brand of coconut water is loved by my family and it’s a thirst quencher whenever feeling Low on energy levels and dehydrated, this is the most healthiest and yummiest drink option for me and my family. As compared to other coconut water Brand’s, UFC tastes the best and is value for money.

Would recommend !
UFC Refresh 100% Natural Coconut Water
9 days ago
4.3/5 Purchased by reviewer
My go to brand for coconut water should I not be able to get it straight from the nut itself. I find it taste good and closest to fresh coconut.

Would recommend !
pure coconut water ...
10 days ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
this is the best choice to keep hydrated in these humid weather conditions in Singapore it is so pure and has no added preservatives to this I always prefer UFC coconut water to satisfy my thirsty

Would recommend !
11 days ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Great refreshing taste of coconut. Very apt for the vaccination period during this pandemic.

Would recommend !


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