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No physical support centre
9 months ago
2/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
Fitbit suddenly unable to switch on and there is no available physical customer support centre to diagnose the failure. Had to call a number and was given some advice. One of the option is to buy another power cable to try but to no avail. Would definitely prefer one that have support centre as this watch is not that cheap

Would not recommend !
Accurate results
10 months ago
4.5/5 Purchased by reviewer
The main thing is that the result is accurate. Just like a wristband but very smart. Not so much expensive. Battery life is good. Guaranteed and tested product. Overall the product is nice.

Would recommend !
10 months ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Easy to use.. Quality is also good

Would not recommend !
Awesome product
10 months ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Perfect product to use after workout .i just loved the way it looks.according to the reviews it looks like this product is promising

Would not recommend !
A sturdy and trendy tracker
1 year ago
4.7/5 Purchased by reviewer
I've been wearing FitBit Charge 2 for more than 2 years. I wear it at all times, except when showering, washing the dishes or charging it. I like that it looks cool and the strap can be changed. I used it to track my steps and heart rate, as well as sleeping habit. There are other tonnes of activities to track, such as running, cardio, etc. which I use sometimes. However, sometimes, syncing with the app can be a pain.

Would recommend !


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