CIF Cream Original Surface Cleaner

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CIF Cream Original Surface Cleaner

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CIF Cream Original Surface Cleaner
2 days ago
4.7/5 Purchased by reviewer
This is a must have around the household and I've been using it to clean the soap scum off the basins, stubborn stains in the pots and the tiles and grout in the bathroom. It lifts off the dirt and stains without much scrubbing effort. Can't imagine life without it.

Would recommend !
Effective cleaner
1 month ago
3.5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Cif is affordable and effective for dirt on the surface. Highly recommended!

Would recommend !
Want to buy one cleaner let this be the one
1 month ago
3.2/5 Purchased by reviewer
If you were given a choice to buy just one cleaning product this would be my choice as I absolutely love this cleaner. It has multiple uses but, my favourite is that it keeps my white quartz counter tops absolutely stain free and shinning in fact, the guys who installed it also used it to clean it and that’s how I learnt so much more about my best cleaning Friend CIF. Also on your grocery store aisle you may see many cleaning products some can be quite pricey but, CIF will never break the bank pick up a bottle next time you will thank me enjoooooy happy cleaning.

Would recommend !
good option for tap stains
4 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
CIF is always a good option for dealing with stains over taps and steel sinks it is very good though stain remover and also makes item Shaine well

Would recommend !
Good one
5 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Must recommend product on tuff stains and gives sparkle clean .. my kitchen feels more clean with this product .. gentle on skin as well .

Would recommend !


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