mise en scene Perfect Serum Original

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mise en scene Perfect Serum Original

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Good for protection
2 months ago
4.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
I have been using this serum for months and have noticed that my hair is more tamed and the ends are more protected. I like that this product is not overall oily and it does feel light after application to towel-dried hair. And, I am extremely glad that it is not sticky!

Would recommend !
Worth The Purchase - Not Oily and Lightweight.
2 months ago
4/5 Purchased by reviewer
I have brittle, colour treated hair and I often peruse drug stores to look and experiment with new hair care. I chanced upon this product and I use the brand's coloured hair dye very often (probably finished 10 boxes of it at this point), so I decided to give this a shot. After using it once, I was surprised that the product managed to be moisturising for my hair despite being lightweight and not oily. However I did find myself pumping more than the recommended amount, maybe around 4-5? It finished quickly and I had to replace it. Might look for a more moisturising one next, however this formula is very suitable for sensitive dry/oily scalps as it is not oily and light (I have a oily, sensitive scalp). It smells great too!!

Would recommend !
Nice hair serum
7 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
Use it everyday after wash my hair. Hair become more smooth and non frizzy.

Would recommend !
Amazing product
11 months ago
4.4/5 Purchased by reviewer
This is probably my 8th time buying this product. It keeps my hair very moisturizing and it helps to tame my frizz hair.

Would not recommend !
1 year ago
3.8/5 Purchased by reviewer
not say it's a miracle after applying this. but it feels a little softer after that. and it's not oily on my hands after applying serum on hair.

Would recommend !


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