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Singapore is known internationally as a food paradise not without reason. Her cuisine scene is an amalgam of flavours stirred into a culinary melting pot like no other.

Her famed local dishes feature the best of Chinese, Malay and Indian heritage reflecting the rich mix of cultures that make up the multi-racial population on the tropical island. Ethnic dishes like Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mee Siam and Singapore Curry have become so popular that they are now not only ubiquitous in traditional coffee shops and food courts, but are also served in F&B establishments in hotels and exclusive clubs in Singapore and beyond.

Complete, easy-to-use solutions

Prima Taste offers these ethnic delights in the simplest form of ready-to-cook meal sauce kits and cooking sauces. Each item comes complete with essential ingredients and condiments, providing a full complement of authentic tastes and flavours that are consistently delicious anywhere in the world! For example, our Hainanese Chicken Rice meal sauce kit comes with a premix and sesame soya sauce oil for the chicken, fragrance oil for the rice, and chilli, ginger and dark soya sauces to serve with, providing you the ultimate in convenience.

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