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About Caltrate® - World's No. 1 Calcium Supplement Brand*

It's never too early or too late for Caltrate®.

Each of Caltrate®'s 600 formulas contain 600 mg of elemental Calcium (which meets 60% of U.S. Daily Values, 2013). Caltrate® optimizes Calcium absorption to help maintain strong bones and provides a reliable way to ensure that you meet your daily Calcium requirements, together with the calcium intake from your diet.

Each tablet provides 600mg of elemental Calcium which is 46-60% of the recommended dietary intake for adults.#

Major components of healthy bones include Calcium and Bone Collagen. Bone fortifying minerals such as Copper helps to support Bone Collagen formation. Bone Collagen forms part of the bone matrix and together with Calcium, they are important to help support Strong Bones and Mobility.

# Source: Daily Calcium Requirement, Health Promotion Board Singapore, last updated 16 May 2012

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