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Love Beauty and Planet Tea Tree Oil & vetiver shampoo and conditioner

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Radical Refresher Shampoo

Revitalize with a daily detox. Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Shampoo, infused with Australian tea tree oil and woody vetiver, naturally revitalizes and refreshes lackluster hair and leaves you smiling ear to ear. 

Infused with Australian tea tree oil, this shampoo detoxes and gently cleanses and volumizes hair. It clears away impurities that bring your hair down, so you can feel oh so good, clean and alive. 

Radical Refresher Conditioner

Hit the refresh button and treat your hair to a dose of love. Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Conditioner, infused with sustainably sourced Australian tea tree oil and woody vetiver, offers a rich conditioning that revitalizes hair’s natural strength. 


Tea trees, which are really more of tall shrubs than trees, occur naturally in Eastern Australia and are known to have purifying properties. Sourced from the wet lowlands of Australia, the tea tree oil infused in our products is harvested and pressed for its fine quality such that it meets our high standards. 

Our fragrance is infused with a traditionally powerful and stoic scent- vetiver. Its radiant citrus notes mix into a caring blend of precious woods for a refreshing jolt of energy in the shower. 




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