You’re wondering about tryandreview.com? We invite you to go through our FAQ below!


Where are we based?

Try and Review Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore. However, we operate in Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hongkong, Phillipines and Thailand. 


How does tryandreview.com work?

Tryandreview.com enables you to test products for free, to give your opinion on products as well as consult reviews from other testers.

In order to take part in our tests, you must register to the website first. Once registered you must log in to apply to the tests you are interested in.

Testers are then being selected among all applicants. Only the selected applicants will be able to get involved in the product test. If you are selected, you will receive the free product to test at home and you must go back to the website to share your opinion about the tested product.

To leave a review, you are required to also register and login to our website. If you tried a product yourself or received it through close relations (without taking part in a test campaign), your opinion is also considered and is very valuable!

As a matter of fact, your opinions not only help and guide our members but also the consumers in general to make their daily shopping decisions.


How are the participants of the test chosen?

After you apply to test a product of your choice on the website, we will select testers among all applicants. The selection is based on pre-established criteria and according to the number of products available. There are no lucky draws.

We try our best to involve as many people as we can. In order to increase your opportunity to be selected, we run several tests at the same time and launch new products every week. At Try and Review, we do not follow the " first come, first serve" principle. However, if you have the same answers as other member(s) who applied, that principle may apply. Moreover, the company’s employees and their families are not allowed to join any tests we organize.


I have been selected, but I have not received my product yet. What shall I do?

No need to panic! It might take several weeks before you get the products. You will be notified when your product has been shipped, and you should receive it within 7 days after shipment. We keep all your contact details and are in the process of sending your product!

However, if after 2 weeks, you have not received anything yet, you can write us an email and we will reply as soon as possible to find a solution.

One little question: Are you sure the delivery address and phone number entered during registration are correct? If there are any mistakes, please let us know! 


Do I get paid to test the products?

You will not be paid to test the products, as we do not want to influence your feedback. But the products you receive at home are totally free of charge, including delivery!


Whom does tryandreview.com concern?

Tryandreview.com is based in Singapore and will take into consideration applicants based in Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, based on each campaign needs. We open new countries to operate in regularly, so if we’re not in your country yet, don’t worry! We might get to you.


Is a Facebook account necessary to participate in testing products? 

It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to get involved. However, signing-up with Facebook button will be faster and easy for you to come back and access the website.

You only have to register to tryandreview.com. However, our Facebook followers are always a little ahead to be informed about the new tests available.  


What kind of products can I test?

Tryandreview.com provides all sorts of products to test.

There are 2 types of tests:

  1. New products recently launched in the market: you do not know them well yet and we would like you to discover them.
  2. Because we enjoy treating you, you will also find your favorite products: the ones you have already approved and are fond of.


What is the format of the products available to test?

The products to test are offered either in normal format (as you can find them on the market), either as "samples" or taken out of their packaging. Our purpose is to offer you the largest range of products to try.


What do you mean by “Suggested Retail Price” in the product outline?

The suggested retail price stated in the product descriptions or on the test pages does not mean the price is fixed. It is up to each retailer to freely determine resale prices to its customers.


How do I apply to test a product?

To apply, you must be registered to the website.

Once you are registered, please log in and go to the page(s) of the product(s) you wish to test.

Click on “Apply now” button and fill in the form carefully.

Click on "Confirm": a message will appear to tell you that your request has been taken into account.


How do I know if I have been selected for a test?

For each test, we will specify the registration deadline. Next, we will send an email to our subscribers to invite them to check the list of the participants selected.


How do I give my opinion on the tested product?

To give your opinion on the tested product, first log in, then go to the page of the concerned product. Then, click on "Submit a review".


Why are there sometimes reviews of products on ongoing tests before the registration deadline?

The products that you can find on Tryandreview.com can already be available on the market. Therefore, they can be normally bought. So, anyone can give reviews whether they have tested the product through Tryandreview.com or not.  

Even if you are not a participant of any product testing, the more reviews you leave on our website, the more chance you will get to test a product in the future!

I left a comment in the heading “Submit a review" but it does not appear.

This is probably because the comment that you posted is not a review of the product itself.

We do not publish comments such as "I want to test this product.” We want your opinion and only your opinion!

Or the publishing of your review can be delayed, generally, no longer than 72 hours. Please wait while your comment(s) is being processed.

We do publish both positive & negative reviews, but comments that would cause any misperception towards the tested product without a valid reason will not be published.

For any other remarks, please contact us.


I have been registered for quite a while and I have never received any product to test…

To participate in product testing, you must be selected. It will be according to your profile or to your answers given at the time you registered for the test. We get a huge number of applicants for each test. Don’t give up, please be patient, and apply for as many tests as you can to increase your opportunity to be selected. Your turn will come!


I have suggestions to make. Can I forward them to Tryandreview.com?

Yes, sure! Tryandreview.com is also your website. Please do not hesitate to contact us any suggestions you may have.

If your question has not been answered, contact us!


I am a brand, and would like to get my products on TryandReview.com, how can we collaborate? 

Please contact us!