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LITS Moist Lotion

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my honest review for the moist lotion
8 days ago
3.4/5 Received for free from Try and Review
total point- 3.5/5 because i have sensitive skin, especially on my feet, i have try this product at 3 different locations, my face, hands and feet. My hands and face have no problem using this product, it's just not very moisturising in my opinion. When i apply on my feet, my feet turned complete red. I let my sisters to try it and it works fine on them. overall will recommend this to people with little or no sensitive skin issue. if your face is very sensitive, like my feet, this product is not really for you. moisture doesn't last very long. (sorry for using the product on my feet, but i thought that was the best way to see whether my sensitive feet can handle it, my face is just slightly sensitive so i can't tell a difference)

Would not recommend !
Effective moisturiser
8 days ago
4.4/5 Received for free from Try and Review
So ever since becoming a mother of two, I don’t have the time and energy to stick to a skincare routine (though I’m trying to change that!) and as a result, my skin is prone to feeling dried out. LITS moist lotion is not cream-based so it doesn’t leave an oily residue on my skin. It’s water based and gets absorbed into the skin quickly and effectively. My skin feels instantly awaken after application, and I’m no longer bothered by dry skin. The only thing I wish was different is the bottle. Because it’s so liquid-y, a pump would be appreciated rather than a cap to open and pour.

Would recommend !
Nice n good product
10 days ago
4.8/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Has a slight flowerly scent to it and very slight hint of apple scent has a slight milky look 2 it it doesnt clog my pores n feel really good thnks for the product😉

Would recommend !
Long lasting Moisturiser perfect for hot weather
10 days ago
4.8/5 Received for free from Try and Review
🇯🇵I am a big fan of Japan🤩🤩🤩 ! And I LOVE using skincare products from Japan 🛍. LITS Moist Lotion is really good 💖! After using: 1. The texture of the lotion is so light, very suitable for the weather in Singapore nowadays, hot and humid. 2. I can feel my skin staying hydrated after my whole day out with my girl. 3. My skin stay moisture, helped stable my skin, and avoid other skin condition happened. LITS Moist Lotion has been rated No.1 Moisturizing Lotion with the highest skin moisture retention ability, by a popular Japanese Beauty Magazine for 2 consecutive years!😍 🌿 The lotion made of unique plant stem cell formulation helps to boost hydration into the skin's deepest layer. 💦 The lotion has ultra-moisturizing ingredients that prevent skin moisture loss by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. 🩺 The above results are clinically proven shows that the lotion can increase skin’s moisture level to 400% after 1 hour and 200% after 4 hours. Love using this LITS Moist Lotion, especially I have to wear a mask all day long, and my skin under the mask can stay hydrated and well! 🥰

Would recommend !
Just nice for my dry to combi skin
11 days ago
3.8/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Have been using twice a day for 7days already and although it has not improve my overall skin complex, it sure did hydrate me well for 7-8 hours after application! It is water based lotion (toner like) and the bad part is only when i cant really tell if it has evaporated or it is absorbed into my skin. But overall it is easy to use and dries fast on skin! Easy hydration if youre rushing.

Would recommend !


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