Follow Me Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch

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Follow Me Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch

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Green Tea Hijab
1 day ago
3.4/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Been Using this for 4 days, smells very nice but don’t really lingers at my hair for long. Less itchy scalp but hair a bit hard after rinse.

Would recommend !
2 days ago
4.4/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I love how it helps the hair dry faster after showering, it an ease if there is a need to wear the tudung straight away. It also leaves the hair and tudung smelling really nice through out the day.

Would recommend !
2 days ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Nice smell and refreshing. My still smells good after 12 hrs donning my shawl. My hair becomes more shiny and bouncy after a week of using it. Highly recommended.

Would recommend !
Smells nice while it last
3 days ago
4.6/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Tried it for 3 days straight and the smell really stays for two days. I received the anti itch and yes it keep the itch away. I like the freshness smell it gave ..

Would not recommend !
Follow me green tea Hijab Anti-itch
3 days ago
3.6/5 Received for free from Try and Review
Honestly first inpression when I saw the bottle it looks like nothing attractive even the design like not that appealing. But when I saw the ingredients there's habattus sauda I'm very much curious and keen to try. Firstly habattus sauda are well know for its health benefit since long time ago in Islamic history and findings, so I wonder how it will help with hair?? Specially that I have oily scalp and white hair that can itch like nobody business. 1st day using this product, first thing I fell in love was the smell. The fragrance is smooth and nice not overwhelming. Next I find the texture of the shampoo is thick and easy to lather up into foam. The first day I was rushing and just towel dry my hair, comb and wore my hijab and off went out for errand. I was out like few hours and amazingly the moment I took off my hijab obviously my hair still wet but the smell took off and was quite obvious and smells good. Oh ya most importantly my hair doesn't itch and make me scratch like a monkey in public. 2nd wash this time I'm home towel dry, comb and was home and I realised my hair rather smooth and the smell last quite long and lingers and it does itch still those spot with plenty of white hair but not that bad. Ok next is I don't wash my hair for a day and hey I realised I able to passed another day without washing my hair and best of all it don't really itch so bad and my hair still feels smooth and soft. My take is thus shampoo is good for daily use specially for hijab ladies and knowing follow me brand they are affordable shampoo for us and surprisingly the products is good. I learnt my lesson which is not to judge a book by its cover hehe I'll continue using it specially before I go for any outdoor activities. Will save me from embarrassment from scratching my head in public.

Would recommend !


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