Jabra Elite 65t

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Jabra Elite 65t

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2 years of great music
1 month ago
Purchased by reviewer
Have been using Jabra elite 65T. It was a first few well made headset during that period. The only con was when during scanning of the bus card 1 of the side would some how lost a connection for a few seconds.

Would not recommend !
65t comparable to 85t
6 months ago
Purchased by reviewer
I’ve been using the 65t for 2 years now and it’s still serving me well. I have a 85t as well but I would say the 65t is comparable in terms of sound quality. The 85t performs better for sound cancelling but sometimes if I am taking the call in a noisy place, the active sound cancelling does cut off certain parts of my speech (whereas the 65 would just let the noise through, but allows you to finish your sentence). Fit wise the 65t is better for me compared to 85t, though its design is bulkier than 85t. If you are deciding between 65t and 85t, I would say get the 65t and have some money savings as overall the 2 are comparable.

Would recommend !
Great sports earphone with good volume and clarity
10 months ago
Purchased by reviewer
Used it for sports and no issue with the dust and sweat resistance. Good sound clarity and good bass as well. Long enough battery life for 1 full day of usage plus more. Good ambience mode to hear the surroundings like colleagues/friends talking or vehicles moving when crossing road. Great buy!

Would recommend !
Excellent Sound & Good Battery Life
1 year ago
Purchased by reviewer
I have been using this headphones for about 4 years now and haven't had the need to buy a new earphones or upgrade yet. And this is when I have dropped it many times, causing some physical damage but it still works well. The sound quality is great and can be be personalized if you download the app. There is some noise cancelling too which is sufficient for me but it can be better. Battery life is also good, can be used for a few days, supporting a 30-45 commute two ways. Design may look a bit bulky but it fits well in the ear, is very comfortable and comes with multiple ear bud sizes.

Would recommend !


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