Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors

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Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors

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14 days ago
Purchased by reviewer
I use pigeon Safely nail scissors for my baby , it Safely when my baby move away from it. Recommend to my family and friends

Would recommend !
A very good and safe scissors for baby
1 month ago
Purchased by reviewer
We preciously bought baby nailcutter and baby manicure set but none of it works as baby keeps fidgeting and these are very difficult for us to aim properly and cut.. but this scissors is wonderful! We are able to cut baby fingers and toe nails comfidently after buying this.. it is safe and we can control it easily.. highly recommended!

Would recommend !
Safe to use on newborn
6 months ago
Purchased by reviewer
A generally safe scissor to use when cutting their nails as it has round edges.

Would recommend !
Old is Gold
1 year ago
Purchased by reviewer
I’ve tried all sorts of fancy gadgets to get my baby’s nails. But this traditional method beats them all Everytime. I can get into the small corner and every little bit of nail. It’s pain free and so easy to use. No instructions needed.

Would recommend !
Good and effective nail scissors
3 years ago
Purchased by reviewer
Really good for trimming newborn's soft nails. I tried using a baby nail clipper and it's harder to cut off the nails. Still prefer this pair of good and effective nail scissors.

Would recommend !


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