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Darda Popcorn

Founded in 1995, J&E Corporation is one of the leading popcorn manufactures in Korea thanks to its well-known "Kernels Popcorn" brand. Currently we are providing our products to large discount stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, military PX stores and highway rest areas as well as various other locations all over the Korea. J&E also exports products to Japan, China,Taiwan, Hongkong,Saudi Arabia to name a few and we are currently in the process of expanding our market share into Middle East countries and Chinese markets. DARDA means "different" in Korean, it is the premium popcorn snack brand aiming for differencing taste & technique & customer service. We can see DARDA Popcorn of different flavors captured a 90% of the domestic M/S in popcorn market on large discount stores, convenience stores,super market.

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