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Skin Inc is the world's first Skin Supplement Bar offering customizable beauty solutions to help you create an effective and fuss-free regimen, designed for your skin. Skin Inc products are free from added scents and parabens.

In selected countries, we offer a number of advanced treatments that are conducted using state of the art non-invasive technology to deliver visible results. 

Your skin is unique and we want you to be able to make an informed choice about your skincare. We do not believe in stereo typing skin into oily, dry or combination. We seek to understand your skin deeply and then customize the most effective solution to address your skin's needs. Our proprietary Skin Identity counseling, helps you identify and better understand your skin's needs. 

Our products contain the optimal concentrations of pure ingredients for the best results in a shorter time. Skin Inc constantly undertakes research & development in Japan to create skincare formulas to better suit your evolving needs.

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