SENNHEISER CX 400BT True Wireless

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SENNHEISER CX 400BT True Wireless

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Must have gadget
26 days ago
3.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
If you're looking for best sound quality wireless earphones at the cheapest price. Simultaneously comfortable then this is the best option you can go for it. I personally loved it.

Would not recommend !
cx 400bt
1 month ago
4/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
The CX 400BT True Wireless are among Sennheiser’s second generation of true wireless earphones, offering a somewhat large 7mm driver in each earbud, and make their claim to your hard earned cash by offering a sort of “middle ground” between cheaper alternatives and the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.0. What the CX 400BT lack in polish, they don’t sacrifice in quality. Sure, they may not look as slick as their bigger brothers—but they aren’t really deficient in any way. Just bulky.

Would recommend !
Just awsome
1 month ago
4.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
The products sound quality is so good. Good depth in sound and nice bass. nice battery backup. Sennheiser quality is that gorgeous. I love the product

Would recommend !
Best product
2 months ago
4.2/5 Received for free from Try and Review
The Voice Quality Is Awesome And Battery Life Is Also Awesome

Would recommend !
Bluetooth cx 400BT
3 months ago
4.2/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I didn't have use this Bluetooth but I have used sannieher brand earphone and other model Bluetooth and the quality they provide it is awesome 🤟must buy Infact the services is also good.

Would recommend !


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