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From hair care, skin care to body care, they are committed to deliver quality and safe products to the markets they serve.

Scalp & Hair Care:

Silkpro, the scalp-care expert, has dedicated considerable resources to the development of New Silkpro VITAIR SERIES For Scalp & Hair. Free from sulfate and silicone, VITAIR SERIES contains a new mix of vitamin-rich ingredients to make your scalp clean, balanced and healthy while keeping your hair shiny, weightless and manageable.

Body Care: Unique to Silkbath is Moisture Aid+, providing the tri-benefits of increased skin elasticity, intense hydration & restoration of skin’s natural barrier defence (NMF). Infused with botanical ingredients like pure Argan oil, cherry blossom, rose hip, rosemary and more, Silkbath indulgent shower products are easy-rinse, rich in anti-oxidants and pH Balanced. It also offers UV protection from the good old tropical sun! Silkbath Botanics – the body care range that helps you DEFY DRYNESS NATURALLY.

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