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7D Mangoes

The Company was founded by Mr. Francisco P. David and established as a sole proprietorship in 1972, with intensive mango production as its major activity. It has been recognized as one of Asia’s leading producer of high value commercial crop, mangoes of which the founder garnered various awards, from the Department of Agriculture. Consequently, the company processed further fresh mangoes to produce various products to be exported worldwide.

The technological breakthrough on the use of potassium nitrate for flower induction paves the way for the company to go up the ladder of a multimillion corporation. With oversupply and tremendous increase in fresh mango production, trading of fresh mango to Carbon Market Cebu, Manila and exporting it to meticulous International Markets such as Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Great Britain and Japan was made possible. 

In 1978, the company processed fresh mangoes into DRIED MANGOES. Now, one of the most sought after brand of Dried Mango in the market is 7D. Its unique sweet sour taste has lured the Japan market. It is currently exported in Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Canada, Guam, Saipan, and Korea.

In 1980, came the production of Mango Puree, which eventually became a raw material for the ready to drink Mango Nectar (1995) which was successfully launched and accepted not only in the Philippines but in the other parts of the world. The first ever Mango Nectar in doypack, less costly with the perfect tastes of a mango nectar.

It was in 1985 that a unique mixture of mangoes and tamarind was made with the use of the company’s research and development.

On 1994, the European community accorded 7D an award for its “AWARD in QUALITY EXCELLENCE” in Paris, France and recognized the company internationally.           

Another unique feature of the company is the utilization of its waste materials. The skin of the mango fruit is taken out as feeds to the cattle that the family raised. The seeds are brought to their won nursery for propagation. These seedlings are then sold to farmers. This practice has contributed much to ecological conservation aside from the fact that the company is very strict with its wastewater treatment and other environmental considerations.           

7D’s community and religious involvement are immeasurable. The company has provided jobs to 60 regular and 500 contractual employees and has provided capital through cash and in kind to mango growers. Family members are very active church members.

Today, 7D Food International, Inc., has come into full circle from production, financial, processing and marketing. As the company grows so do the family members. This is why 7D is known as the “MANGO COMPANY”.

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