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Bears can eat about 30,000 berries in a day. What keeps a bear healthy can surely give you bear strength. RAWR! Being low calorie and high in anti-oxidant may also help. This snack are all natural and portion controlled by nutritionist approved. It is definitely a healthy snacks to go. Others than just eating it alone, you can add these in your homemade salad or muffins. It contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Their snacks are reviewed and labeled with easy to read health badges by our nutritionist to suit your lifestyle needs.

Antioxidants: Snacks contain at least one antioxidant vitamin. Antioxidants may prevent or delay cell damage in the body.

High protein: Important for the growth and repair of our cells and muscle tissues. They also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Heart healthy: Low saturated fat, low sodium, and high fibre. Go ahead, show your heart some love!

Low cal: An in-between-meal bite that is low in calories, yet full of goodness – a great pick-me-up snack for those dreary afternoons.

Energy booster: At least 20% of your daily recommended intake of any of the B vitamins – it's like an energy Power-Up.

Nutritionist recommended: This snack ticks off all the right boxes! You'll definitely find them in the drawers of our nutritionists!

High fiber: Reduces risk of diet-related illnesses, and helps to keep our digestive system functioning smoothly. Smooth flowing!

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