Blackmores Stomach Settler

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Blackmores Stomach Settler

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Honest review
12 days ago
5/5 Received for free from Try and Review
I get bloated very fast after every meal, I tried the pull after my meals and i realised I don't feel gassy although I still look bloated, I don't feel uneasy. Then I tried taking it before my meals and it actually works better. It's helps in indigestion as well, overall I would say my stomach looks flat and I don't have stomach discomfort. Just to add on, this even helps with period bloating, not the actual cramps but it helps with discomfort.

My Go To Solution for Happy Tummy!
2 months ago
4.6/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
Got this as a present from a good friend in Australia and since then I ditch my tums and switch to this. I love how effective Blackmores is in calming my tummy. I often have issue with my digestion- bloated and acidic too. Made from ginger so it naturally neutralizes acids while taking away the gas pain and bloated feeling. It works fast too!

Would recommend !


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