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MamyPoko MamyPoko Extra Soft Diaper Pants

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A dry bottom is one of the best gifts a diaper can give your little one. Keep your baby's bum dry and feeling fresh with the MamyPoko Extra Soft Diaper Pants.

One of the most common problems of moms everywhere when it comes to caring for their babies is diaper rash. Wetness, or the retained moisture from baby’s urine, can cause this rash. This happens when your child's urine mixes with bacteria from his stool and breaks down to form ammonia. It is important not leave a dirty diaper on for a long time to reduce the development of diaper rash, but since most babies have sensitive skin, even diligence may not suffice.

The MamyPoko Extra Soft Diaper Pants comes made with soft materials that are gentle for your baby's bottom. Its rapid absorption feature assures you no leaks even at night. In addition, the diaper comes in different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your child. Baby Care Every parent dreams of giving their child only the best care possible. From the kind of formula you mix for your baby, to the softness of the clothes that he or she wears, your pride and joy's health and happiness always comes first. 

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