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Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & lavender body lotion

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Soothe and Serene Body Lotion

Our Soothe & Serene Argan Oil and Lavender Body Lotion delivers a calming sensation and instantly revives your skin. The lavender in our fragrance is infused from ethically sourced extract. Not to forget, this body lotion is made with plant-based moisturizers and contains no parabens, silicones, or dyes and leaves you and the planet a little more beautiful.

Argan Oil

We source our golden argan oil from sources who obtain this oil through a women’s co-operative with the Berber women of Morocco. This blend provides the hydration your skin needs as well as 24 hour moisturization. 

French Lavender

Our formula is infused with French lavender, which is grown using the traditional ‘préfané’ technique, where the lavender is cut by hand and left to dry in the fields for two to three days. This gives our product a unique fragrance of soft, floral notes balanced with slightly fruity overtures that are rounded out by a sweet balsamic note.




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