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Lifebuoy Indonesia Charcoal and Mint Body Wash

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Every day we are exposed to heat, dust and germs. These germs put us at risk of experiencing skin infections like rashes. That's why we need to use germ protection soaps! 

Inspired by Mother Nature, the new Lifebuoy Charcoal incorporates the power of raw Charcoal to create a natural germ protection formula which can provide Better Skin Protection.

A bath with this antibacterial Charcoal body wash which has a unique fragance blend will invigorate your senses. The rich foamy lather will penetrate deep into your pores, remove pollutants and germs leaving your skin feeling protected, cleansed and refreshed.

Stay protected with Lifebuoy!

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  • 4. Step 1: Pour a small amount of Lifebuoy Charcoal into the palm of your hand. Step 2: Lather the soap all over your body. Step 3: Rinse off the lather with water
  • 5. Share a photo of you with the media kits! Upload it on Facebook & Instagram and include the hashtags #LifebuoyMY #GermFree and #TryandReview!
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