The Body Shop Strawberry Bath & Shower Gel

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The Body Shop Strawberry Bath & Shower Gel

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2 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
It gives a nicesmell and cleans up pretty well It's moisturizing and really foamy so gives a good bath

Would recommend !
Favorite one
3 months ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
The body shop has been my all time favorite and I just love their shower gels ..this one got a cute fruity scent and creams a bubbly smooth lather . totally love it l

Would recommend !
Fantastic fragrance
3 months ago
4.8/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
I had got this as a gift and I loved it, it has really mesmerizing fragrance and little amount of it is enough for making large amount of foam. This has really refreshing feelings and lushness after being used. I had got a loofah with it .the packaging is good. Glycerin in it has moisturizing and soothing effect

Would recommend !
Lovely Fragrance
6 months ago
4.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
I bought this product recently and really liked the Fragrance. Also, the foaming is very good..little bit gel makes a good lather. And I found this in a package which included a lofah and soap, so it is a good gifting option as well. Really happy with the product

Would recommend !
Good fragrance
7 months ago
4.4/5 Purchased by reviewer
If you wanna go for a body wash it's a must buy as it keeps your skin moisturized for 4-6 hours, it has a really pleasant fragrance. I was in love with this product because of its fragrance. Must buy for people with combination skin and if they really like to have a powerful fragrance throughout day.

Would recommend !


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