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K-BRIGHT Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream

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Show off a dewy, healthy glow. Our unique gel moisturizer is designed to provide light-as-air hydration that's perfect for oily skin. Freeze-dried brightening bio-actives combined with a blend of minerals from South Korea leaves skin looking luminous from within.



Introducing our Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream, the ultimate answer for oily skin in need of nourishment. To deliver soft, bright and healthy-looking skin, this jelly-like cream combines the hydrating abilities of lava seawater from Jeju, the restorative potential of Korean minerals, and the brightening prowess of our Icy-Lock™ Complex. All that gooey goodness, hydrates the skin deep on cellular-level.
Rich in hydration, light on the skin. For a moisturizer that lets oily skin breathe, look no further.
That’s how we set ourselves apart.

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  • Use Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream for 7 days, Day and Night
  • Pour small amount of product. Apply evenly in upward motions.
  • Snap a selfie with the product, or a flatlay of the product.
  • After continuous usage of the product for 7 days, submit your review & photo at
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