Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream

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Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream

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Great moisturizer for summer season
7 months ago
4.6/5 Purchased by reviewer
Because I have combination to oily skin, I always need.a light weight moisturizer during the summer season when the oil production on my face is on its peak. This product is a great mpisturizer before putting make up on as it will not cause the skin to produce more sebum when it get hotter.

Would recommend !
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
11 months ago
3.8/5 Purchased by reviewer
Packaging: I use the 453-gram size, so the packaging is in the form of a jumbo jar/pot. The lid is easy to open and tight, so it doesn’t spill easily. This product is super-jumbo and takes a lot of space, so it's better to buy a small size if you want to carry it around. Texture and Scent: The texture of this product is creamy, but it's too thick and a bit of sticky for my skin so it takes a few minutes to get dry. The scent of this product is like a typical scent of skincare cream because it doesn't contain fragrance. Claims and Content: This product claimed to moisturize sensitive and parched skin. It's true because after using it my skin isn't scaly and feels soft. My Opinion: I think Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is a great choice to moisturize parched and also sensitive skin. But for me, the texture is too thick and sticky so I don’t like it. The price is worth it because its size is huge, I can use it for 1 year or even more.

Would recommend !
MOisture and efficient
1 year ago
4.8/5 Purchased by reviewer
I like using this moisturizing cream as it is making skin seem smoothed and tightened. the smell is mild and comfortable, the price is good.

Would recommend !
My skin is glowing!
2 years ago
5/5 Purchased by reviewer
I first tried this moisturizer as a sample, and loved it so much I bought a new tube!

It doesn't stay sticky on the body, and within a few days there was a noticeable difference in my skin. Softer, smoother, and definitely glowing!

There is almost zero fragrance as well which is something I love.

Would recommend !
Suitable for even oily skin
3 years ago
4.8/5 Received as a gift outside Try and Review
Those with oily skins, don't let the words "intensive moisturising" scare you. It's actually light and not greasy at all, and it leaves a protective barrier on your skin. It's not just for dry skin, but actually suitable for all skin types.

Would recommend !


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