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Strongly refresh and hydrate your fragile eye region with the Vichy Aqualia Thermale Awakening Eye Balm.Created to help your eye region hold a crisp and essential look for the duration of the day, this agreeable and smooth emollient makes adjust, guaranteeing that swollen eyes are avoided in the morning and emptiness is supported with dampness at night. The dynamic eye medicine touches skin with a major support of hydration, attempting to battle dark circles, packs uniform and fine lines.At the heart of the equation is an intense hydration complex made from Hyaluronic Acid, Aquabioryl, and λ-Carrageenans, prestigious for their capacity to enhance water appropriation between cells. An additional mixture of 15% glycerine holds that water, while caffeine channels and decongests to keep the development of bags.Suitable for touchy eyes.

How to use:

Apply pressure with your fourth finger, from the inside out on the eye zone. Repeat 3 times. 

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