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AHC is a contemporary skincare brand for women all over the world, which originally began in high-end aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics in Seoul.

A Beautiful Trinity, AestheBalance

Each of us lives in a different environment, maintains different lifestyle, and has different skin. This is why we believe diverse skincare needs cannot be fully satisfied with any one specific ingredient, formula, or method. AHC’s robust expertise built on years of hands-on skincare experience acquired at aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics led us to what we call AestheBalance. AestheBalance is a principle that three elements – latest skin science, thoughtful product formulation, and optimized usage method – must work together to create best skincare results. AestheBalance is set in motion in every one of our products and beauty rituals to address each individual skin needs. It is a beautiful trinity that enables healthy improvements to bring out every woman’s most appealing self.

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