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The "Original" Chimes Original Ginger Chews

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It’s Music for Your Mouth!

For three generations Chimes has been making the pure ginger chews candy that awaken your senses and lift your spirits. Using the traditional time-honored technique of stone grinding they are able to extract the purist ginger essence that gives Chimes its invigorating warming sensation. Chimes gives your mouth that shooting musical experience. Just as yin complements yang so is spicy balanced by sweetness in Chimes. Energy and serenity. Body and Spirit. Perfect harmony. Take a break and indulge. Let Chimes energizes and refreshes you for a new day.

All Ginger Chews are individually wrapped.

INGREDIENTS: Real Java ginger, Real cane sugar, Gluten-free, Vegan, tapioca starch.

Made in Indonesia.

TRY AND REVIEW TIPS : How to make a delicious Ginger Tea with your Chimes Ginger Chews ?

Chimes Ginger tea! Here's how to make a warm cup of Ginger tea using Chimes Original Ginger Chews and honey! First step, grab your favorite mug. Second step, Boil water. While waiting for the water to boil unwrap 1-2 ginger chews and place in cup. Third step, put boiling water over ginger chews and stir with spoon to dissolve. Fourth step, put some honey to your tea, we recommend one teaspoon and continue to stir. Final step : Enjoy!

#Fueledbychimes by @kylojenhikes on Instagram 

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