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The Tea Room Milk Chocolate Bar Infused with Honeybush Caramel Tea

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Indulge your palate… with an exquisite medley of flavors: premium organic milk chocolate from Europe, and organic honeybush caramel tea from South Africa.

Let it melt on your tongue, while you unwind. The smoothness of chocolate and the aromas of tea titillate the senses. Relax for a moment and transport yourself to a Parisian tea salon. The flavors are authentic and masterfully combined by our chief chocolatier, Heinz Rimann. His electric culinary journey began in Switzerland, wound through London to DR Congo, Hong Kong and finally San Francisco. A passion for teas from around the globe brought him to start a patisserie and teashop, known as The Tea Room.

Honeybush Caramel Tea: The favorite of South Africans, Honeybush (Cyclopia genistoides) is also called African tea, which was used in former times as a substitute for black tea. Honeybush is without caffeine and contains essential oils and tannins. In appearance, it resembles crushed bark, but as the name implies, it has a wonderful honey color, flavored with all natural caramel

INGREDIENTS: Unsweetened organic chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cacao fat, organic dry whole milk, organic honeybush caramel tea. May contain traces of peanuts and/or other tree nuts, organic vanilla extract, soy and spices.

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