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Human Nature, is above all a passionate social enterprise. We are driven by our love for our families, the poor, and the environment as we provide personal care products that feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart.


Natural and organic products used to be for the select few but here at Human Nature, we believe that everyone should have access to safe and genuine natural products at the most affordable prices. Our ingredients are the same or even better than higher priced brands but we chose to greatly reduce the usual profit margins and be affordable so all can use products that are good for them and the environment. Only when millions use products free from harmful chemicals can we truly make a difference in our environment and in the lives of poor farming communities that we support.


We offer the widest range from baby and kids care to hair and face care to home and pets care, with 100% no harmful chemicals. No parabens, no phthalates, no SLS/SLES, no petroleum-derived ingredients, and other toxic ingredients that studies have linked to cancer and health disorders. We believe in the precautionary principle – if credible study studies cast doubt on the safety of an ingredient, we do not use it.


At Human Nature, we disclose every single ingredient on our labels, and when we say natural, we go to great lengths to ensure that our natural ingredients are not contaminated with chemicals. In fact, we don’t use synthetic chemical preservatives at all! Since our products are used daily, it will be used up in a few months time so why add unnecessary synthetic chemicals just to extend the life of the products to 2 years or more? We believe that using fresh ingredients is always best!

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